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Room Creator Interior Design app full version free download

room creator interior design app

Room creator interior design app: Hi, friends this is techy tupu, about this post room creator design app this is one type of room design app, this is very useful to us make a small room creating their own design whether it is not sufficient for big houses but it is very useful and best for individual room designing persons who are desire to think on their own. In this app, you can design your room in 3-dimensional view. In this article I’m going to give you a brief introduction about room creator interior design app,I shall provide you direct download link also and designing process. get room creator interior design app.

What is Room Creator Interior Design App

Come to this app it is a room creating individual room designing app, Were you ever thinking how you can design your own interior so it would look better?

Roomcrator interior design app

You are buying a house and wondering how your room would look like to design? Now you can design your room interior from scratch in less than 10 minutes! Enter room dimensions, design your floor pattern and wall color and start creating of on your desire!

If we select this app starting we get:

First select 4 rooms, room1,room2,room3,room4. pic one of it, tap on the floor to place it and hold and drag your finger to precisely position the object.

Walk through your room interior in realistic 3D walk! so that you can experience a nice view of the room.

How I can Design interior quick and easily

By selecting the design 1 you will get room creating a wall.

In this app top of the right, you are visible a circular rotator through that you can adjust the view of the room.

you can also see the menu,objects,FP view toolbars in room creator app.

If you select a menu bar it shows you,

Room 1,dimensions,wall color ,floor design, by selecting them you can adjust their color ,design,view.

Next, we go to object tool it will show you the 3d visualize tool of bedroom ,bathroom,kitchen office etc u will get,by selecting the room or objects tool twice you get more objects to use.

By selecting and drag them to your room and adjust their height and length as u desired or required to use.

By selecting FP view toolbar u have seen two pointers , one is for zoom and another one is for the view!

At last Upload your room to get your unique Room ID and share your room with anyone in only two clicks. Anyone can see it, but only you can edit your room. You can easily import and walk through your friend’s rooms too.

Design your interior with Room Creator! and u can share on social medias also like Facebook twitter etc. And at last, by clicking setting symbol at starting you can change shadows on/off. In this app all measurements calculated by metrics: meters,feet, graphics are high, low, you can control sounds easily. This is a very interesting app to design your own room with yourself.

Features of this Room creator design app:

  • Easy to make download and install this app.
  • No need to create an account, sign up with your email account.
  • No need to pay any type of money, this app total free.
  • Very easy to create designs individually.

Download Room Creator Interior Design app:

You can download this app very fastly and easily from here, just click twice on download link then download Room creator interior design app. Follow given below link to download this app directly. If you want to download this app you may require some specification to install this app on your devices. so make sure that and install.

Required android version is 2.3 and above, check your memory space to download the app total size is 72 MB. This app was last updated on April 28, 2016, the current version is 3.3, contact rating is 7 above.This app offered by App Holdings developers.

Download Room creator interior design app.

Final words:

That’s it friends hope you understand the room creator design app. design your room carefully and nicely without spending money.

Thank you for visit the site.


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